Q:      How do I know if I qualify for the Elite or Intermediate division?
A:  For the open division, teams will be separated into two divisions for second round play. The top two teams from each category will automatically qualify for the Elite Division Finals, while teams in the lower half of their brackets will qualify for Intermediate Finals.

Q:      What if I do not want to use the tournament accommodations and services?
A:  All int'l teams which choose to make their own arrangements will pay a $500 registration fee for entry into the tournament. Upon showing proof that the team is staying at one of the tournament sponsored hotels, $125 will be refunded to the team from their payment. All teams are required to stay in one of the tournament sponsored hotels.

Q:      When is the final date to register for participation in the tournament?
A:  All teams must pay their registration fee 1 month prior to the start of the tournament to guarantee entry into the event.

Q:      Can I register late for the tournament?
A:  Yes, Should a team not make this deadline, a $100 per week (non-refundable) late fee will be assessed to the registration fee up until a final payment date usually 2 weeks prior to the start of the tournament.

Q:      Are tournament entry fees refundable?
A:  No, the tournament entry fees are not refundable.

Q:     How many players am I allowed per squad?
A:  The tournament allows up to 12 players to be enrolled per team.

Q:      How many games will we play during the tournament?
A:  Each team is guaranteed a minimum of six (6) games during the tournament.

Q:      What is included in the tournament travel packages?
A:  Each tournament package consist of enrollment in the tournament, all transportation needed during your stay (airport transfers and tournament shuttles), accommodations, meals (if selected), supplemental health insurance to cover tournament related injuries and entry into all tournament related activities.

Q:      What does the winner of the tournament receive?
A:  The senior edition will continue to offer a prize money scheme for the final participants of the elite division, with 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners receiving a prize bonus determined each year by the amount of participating teams and title sponsors dollars. Due to amateur rules, there will be no prize monies allocated for the Junior competition with participants vying for trophies and medals, but most importantly bragging rights for the entire year.

There will be one main championship FNC trophy which will remain in Florida (winners will be inscribed each year) with the winners receiving a duplicate copy each year which can be taken home. Other prizes include:

Elite division:
1st place winner also gets medals 
2nd place winner gets medals (No trophy)
3rd place winner gets medals (No trophy)

Intermediate Division:
1st place winner gets plaque 
2nd place winner gets plaque
3rd place winner gets dog tags

Junior Tournament:(Each Category)
1st place winner also gets medals
2nd place winner gets medals (No trophy)
3rd place winner gets medals (No trophy)

Other trophies include: MVP, Best Uniforms, Shooting, Sportsmanship

Q:      How does a team qualify for participation in the Beach Zoneball Tournament?
A:  The Beach Zoneball Competition will be held on the Sunday after the completion of the FNC tournament with the top four teams from the elite division, the defending champions of the previous year and three other randomly selected teams participating in a single elimination format with the winner receiving a $300 prize bonus. Teams which are interested in participating in the Zoneball tournament must express their intent prior to the start of the tournament to be included in the draw for the 3 randomly selected spots. The drawing will be held at the Welcome Cocktail party at one of the tournament sponsored hotels (TBA), if there are conflicts with the selected teams after the completion of the tournament on Sunday, replacements will be drawn to ensure no overlapping. Teams drawn must be prepared to participate in the event, if a representative is not in attendance at the draw, another team will be selected until all slots are filled.

Q:      Where and when will the closing ceremonies be held?
A:  The closing ceremonies and final prize giving ceremony will be held on the beach after the completion of the Beach Zone tournament. The venue will be announced closer to the tournament date.

Q:      How many players are allowed on a mixed netball team?
A:  7 mixed players (minimum of four must be female)