Women's Open Division: over 19 (Re-grouped after 1st Round) into two categories

  • Elite
  • Intermediate
  • Mixed Netball
  • Men's Netball


  • Girls Under 19 Division
  • Girls Under 16 Division
  • Girls Under 14 Division
  • Girls Under 12 Division

Welcome to the annual Florida Netball Classic. The tournament, traditionally held in November of each year has grown into a two-day event which has hosted up to 50 teams from countries such as Jamaica, Canada, Antigua, The Bahamas, Trinidad & Tobago, Cayman Islands, Australia, New Zealand and England. To more effectively deal with the growth of the tournament and international concerns for travelling students, the event has been split into a Junior and Senior competition each having their own effective start date.

Our plan for the future is to make the Florida Netball Classic the premier tournament in the USA - officially placing Florida on the map as the hub for netball in the country. To this end, The Florida Netball Association has contracted 4 Tors Inc., an established international tour operator, as the official logistics director for the Annual Florida Netball Classics.

Utilizing South Florida as its backdrop, the tournament will have a more international flavor and a professional feel featuring week long activities with details & special attractions. Events such as the Beach Zoneball Competition will be held on the Sunday after the tournament with the top four teams from the elite division, the defending champions of the previous year and three other randomly selected teams participating in a single elimination format.

With the separation of the competitions, the senior edition will continue to offer a prize money scheme for the final participants of the elite division, with 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners receiving a prize bonus determined each year by the amount of participating teams and title sponsors dollars. Due to amateur rules, there will be no prize monies allocated for the Junior competition with participants vying for trophies and medals, but most importantly bragging rights for the entire year. Other additions to the tournament schedule include a Friday evening welcome cocktail party for all teams and officials, a mixed netball and men's division.

We look forward to welcoming all past, present and future teams to our tournament and hope to share our vision and enthusiasm, in making this the feature netball tournament for schools and clubs in the western hemisphere.