(Detailed Rules and Reg’s and Tournament Format will be available when tournament date approaches)

Entrance Requirements:

  1. Deadline for tournament registration is 1 month prior to the start of the event (please see news section for more up to date information). All interested teams must submit registration fees and show intent to participate prior to this date.
  2. All teams must pre-register on the Tournament Registration Forms provided.
  3. Teams must be at the Gym by8 AM to line-upfor the Opening Ceremonies & Uniform Parade.


  1. A team shall consist of a maximum of 12 players whose names shall be listed on the team sign-up sheet and submitted prior to arrival in Florida.
  2. No more than two (2) current “international” players can play for each team. Violation of this rule will result in automatic disqualification. Current shall include any player who is playing international representative netball in respective year.
  3. No player may play for more than one team during the competition.


  1. Tournament games will be played in accordance to IFNA rules and regulations
  2. Tournament play will be in a short format. First and second round games will be seven (7) minutes per half, while semi finals and final matches will be ten (10) minutes per half. (match durations may be altered depending on number of teams enrolled).
  3. Teams are guaranteed a minimum of 6 games during tournament play.
  4. For the open division, teams will be separated into two divisions for second round play. The top two teams from each category will automatically qualify for the Elite Division Finals, while teams in the lower half of their brackets will qualify for Intermediate Finals.


  1. Umpires may not exchange assigned games without proper consent of tournament officials.
  2. Notification of any approved umpire interchange must then be given to at least two (2) officials of each of the teams affected by the interchange, as well as table officials.


Prize monies will be contingent upon enrollment & sponsorship levels. Teams will be notified of the final decision at the team managers meeting. All managers are expected to attend the meeting. The organizer will not be accountable for grievances arising from missed information.

Other Competitions within the Classic

  1. Uniform Parade – All teams can participate, thus we must be informed of intent not to participate
  2. All teams will enter one player in the shooting competition
  3. MVP will be a player from any one of the first or second place teams.

Note: International teams, and out-of-state USA teams, please make contact with FNA Organizers upon arrival in Florida.